Ways and Methods
Learn about different ways and methods of distance learning, check out various learning styles and strategies for your studies.

There are different ways and methods of distance learning. Look through the most appropriate options for you, and choose the best ones from the following:

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Collaborative and Cooperative Learning
Trough collaborative learning and collaborative work students are able to accomplish more than they would be able to do individually, and find benefit of contributing a social element to a learning experience.
Course Styles
Learn about distance learning styles and strategies, consider different types of learners, find useful advice for them.
Education Management
Get to know how distance learners can motivate themselves, learn about privileges and managing of your time while studying.
Inquiry Learning
Here you will be able to read more information concerning such distance learning type as inquiry learning.
Keeping Motivated
In this article you will read about different ways to keep motivated during your distance learning course.
Learning Methods
Look through distance learning popular methods, find the ones that may suit you.
Sensing Learners
Read about sensing and intuitive types of distance learners, find how can they be helped during their distance course.
Strategies for Learning at a Distance
Discover profiles the distant student, discusses distant student's development as learners; and describes ways to improve distant learning.
The Personality Characteristics
There are some distance learning programs structured for independent study and learning on a person's own free time. Check three very important aspects that students must ensure they have before enrolling.
Types of Learners
You will read here information about sequential and global learners, find useful tips on assisting these two types of learners.
Ways of Distance Education
Consider distance learning ways, find best types of distance course that will suite you.