Internet Marketing Certificate
Familiarize yourself with the program, offered by Penn Foster Career School International, which can help you to learn about Internet marketing. Here you can find the academic details of this program and its tuition fee.
Internet Marketing Certificate
Internet Marketing Certificate course teaches the Internet marketing techniques that businesses use to improve the efficiency of their virtual advertising.Here you can learn how to build and market brands with specific examples of what works and doesn’t work in Web marketing. After learning the basics, you will move on to how the marketing process works in planning, executing, pricing, promotion, distribution, and maintaining long-term relationships with customers. And you can study at home with this online course.

The Program consists of such courses:

Principles of Marketing (3 credits). The course studies the marketing environment; planning, information, and segmentation; consumer and business buyer behavior; product and distribution strategy; promotion and pricing strategy.

Advertising Principles (3 credits). Here you can learn techniques of advertising; function of advertising in the marketing area; role of advertising in the marketplace.

Internet Marketing and E-Commerce (3 credits). This course provides a concise introduction to electronic commerce with balanced coverage of both technology and business topics; contains a comprehensive online companion that links the concepts in the book to real online examples; security, implementation, ethics, and legal issues in electronic commerce; case studies of real businesses.

Advanced E-Commerce Issues. This course will help the e-commerce managers of today and tomorrow better direct the e-commerce process by integrating business models, marketing, and Internet technology. The course addresses e-commerce management issues, business model design, .com successes and failures, and legal issues relating to doing business on the Web.

Total program tuition fees – $580